Tips and tricks

Recycold® tips & tricks

  1. When the volume of products in a parcel increases or decreases, the maximum cool capacity in time changes accordingly. To keep your products safe you can add additional Recycold cool packs.

  2. Reducing the difference in temperature inside and outside the package helps achieving better temperature control. Placing packages directly against each other during transport or at pick-up points improves temperature control.

  3. Reducing the volume of a package means less surface to transfer temperature differences. Theoretically a package twice the size warms up four times faster with the same volume of products.

  4. Make sure your corrugated cardboard boxes have a minimum of two layers for better insulation.

  5. Multiple cool packs? Place them across the package preferably between the product and the packaging material.

  6. Place cool packs preferably at the bottom of a package as warm air raises.

  7. Ensure your products are stored and preferably also packed at a temperature below 2 °C. Starting at a higher temperature will reduce the time your products are kept cool substantially.


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